Urban Agriculture Advisory Committee

The Urban Agriculture Advisory committee provides advice on the development, management and promotion of community gardening activities in Yarra.

These activities can include plot-divided community gardens, street planter boxes, nature strip gardens and productive trees planted in public spaces.

The UAAC provides advice to Council on urban agriculture policies and further refines the interpretation and application of the Urban Agriculture Guidelines adopted by Council in June 2011.

Community members will serve in an advisory and advocacy role to provide input on the options and challenges for urban agriculture activities, feedback on new initiatives/products as they become available and knowledge on trends.

The committee is expected to meet four times a year and is open to anyone interested in promoting the development of community gardening activities in Yarra.

Councillors, Council officers and area experts will also serve on the committee.

pdf format Urban Agriculture Advisory Committee - Terms of Reference (42.07 KB)



In 2009, Council established an Urban Agriculture Advisory Committee to provide advice and input into planning for new community gardening guidelines. That committee comprised six local residents with an interest in community gardening, Councillor Sam Gaylard and Council officers.

During several meetings in 2010, the committee developed guidelines for managing demand for community gardens, planter boxes and traffic bed gardens in Yarra.

A report detailing the committee's recommendations and draft guidelines was adopted by Council at its 21 December 2010 meeting. In February and March 2011, Council sought public feedback on the draft guidelines. Several changes were made to the draft guidelines in response to community feedback, with the final version of the guidelines adopted by Council on 28 June 2011.

The committee was disbanded after Council formally adopted the guidelines in June 2011. However, in August 2011 Council backed a proposal to re-establish a community-led Urban Agriculture Advisory Committee. The newly formed committee will be asked to monitor community gardening activities in Yarra and report back on the application and effectiveness of the guidelines.


Further information

Kathi Clark-Orsanic
Urban Agriculture Facilitator
9205 5782

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