Tourism Strategy Goals


GOAL 1: Position the City of Yarra as an outstanding visitor experience

Desired Outcomes

  • Increased awareness and demand for City of Yarra experiences
  • Increased repeat visitation
  • Increased awareness of the quality and diversity of visitor experiences
  • City of Yarra is the destination of preferred choice


Strategic Area



Measures of Success

Market Intelligence


Support research opportunities which inform marketing direction and assist the tourism industry’s market intelligence.

  • Marketing direction reflects market intelligence and visitor feedback; and
  • Tourism industry informed in a timely manner.

Collaborative Marketing


Develop and implement an annual integrated strategic marketing plan that provides direction and focus for industry to collaborate, participate and contribute.

  • Amount and diversity of collaborative marketing opportunities available; and
  • Increased participation by tourism industry in collaborative marketing opportunities.

Leverage our Position


Leverage City of Yarra’s attributes (product strengths and diverse visitor experiences) with Tourism Victoria’s brand campaigns and Destination Melbourne Limited’s (DML) marketing activities.

  • City of Yarra attributes are featured in relevant Tourism Victoria and Destination Melbourne Limited marketing activities; and
  • Tourism Victoria and Destination Melbourne Limited regularly informed of City of Yarra attributes, products and experiences.


Identify and leverage from Melbourne’s major events.

  • Increased participation of City of Yarra business, community and Council in Melbourne’s major event activities (as agreed).

Products & Experiences


Continue to identify opportunities for products/experiences to ensure an appropriate range and diversity of products/experiences is provided.

  • City of Yarra business database updated annually; and
  • Opportunities identified.


Facilitate opportunities for industry to link their products/experiences across the municipality.

  • Number and range of linked products/experiences available.



Identify and utilise existing communication opportunities to raise awareness of the benefits and value of tourism and inform stakeholders of the progress of the draft Strategy.

  • Stakeholders informed of progress; and
  • Value of tourism increasingly understood by key stakeholders and decision makers.


GOAL 2: Maximise the ease of movement of visitors into and around the City of Yarra

Desired Outcomes

  • Increased awareness of different transport modes and routes within the City of Yarra
  • Increased uptake of sustainable transport modes
  • Frequency of public transport within City of Yarra positively influenced
  • Improved ease of movement into and within the City of Yarra

Strategic Area



Measures of Success

Industry Leadership & Advocacy


Advocate on transport issues that impact the visitor experience.

  • Yarra’s tourism industry has a voice on transport issues that impact the visitor experience in the City of Yarra.

Sustainable Transport Awareness


Continue to communicate the availability of the different sustainable transport options for visitors.

  • All marketing communications contain sustainable transport and universal access message; and
  • Increased awareness of available sustainable transport options.

Sustainable Transport Alternatives


Support and enhance existing sustainable transport modes and identify new opportunities for visitors to travel to and within the City of Yarra.

  • New modes of transport are identified;
  • Increased number of visitors utilising sustainable transport modes;
  • Linkages of products and experiences support sufficient visitor dispersal; and
  • New sustainable transport infrastructure enhances the visitor experience.


GOAL 3: Strengthen the value of City of Yarra's character and amenity

Desired Outcomes

  • Meeting and exceeding visitor expectations about the character and amenity of City of Yarra
  • Improved streetscapes and urban form
  • Improved visitor safety
  • Character and amenity continues to be protected and enhanced

Strategic Area



Measures of Success

Retaining Character


Establish what is valued about the City of Yarra and how it impacts the visitor experience.

  • Tourism industry’s position on the character and amenity value is defined and articulated.


Determine measures for protecting and enhancing what visitors value about the City of Yarra’s character and amenity.

  • City of Yarra’s Structure Plans and Urban Design Frameworks reflect measures for protecting and enhancing the character and amenity.

Industry Leadership & Advocacy


Provide a tourism voice to Council and business on what visitors value about the character and amenity.

  • Tourism voice is represented to appropriate Council departments that impact the visitor experience; and
  • Increased awareness across all businesses of what visitors value about the City of Yarra’s character.

Visitor Amenity


Continue to provide a safe experience for our visitors.

  • Visitors perceive the City of Yarra as a safe destination.


Engage with Council, industry and community on ways to improve infrastructure and facilities to support the visitor experience

  • Whole of Council approach to improving streetscapes, infrastructure and facilities.


GOAL 4: Foster an active, progressive and collaborative tourism industry in the City of Yarra

Desired Outcomes

  • Local businesses are aware of opportunities and their role in the tourism industry
  • Increased and active, positive participation of local businesses in tourism
  • Increased engagement with key stakeholders

Strategic Area



Measures of Success

Industry Leadership & Advocacy


Investigate and determine the most appropriate model for a local tourism body in the City of Yarra.

  • Investigation undertaken and recommendation considered for action.


Review the Tourism Strategy annually in collaboration with the tourism industry.

  • Tourism Strategy remains relevant to responding to the tourism industry’s needs.

Council Awareness


Educate and embed an understanding of the value and role of tourism with all Council staff and Councillors.

  • High tourism awareness across Council departments.


Support the Tourism Strategy to continue to be integrated in Council planning processes.

  • Tourism is considered and integrated into Council processes and departmental priorities.

Business Awareness


Continue to raise awareness of the value and role of tourism to business.

  • Increased awareness by businesses of the value of tourism.

Connecting Industry


Facilitate opportunities to connect tourism industry businesses and stakeholders.

  • Business Associations are actively involved in tourism.

Industry Capability


Facilitate educational opportunities to build industry’s capability.

  • Calendar of industry development opportunities is produced; and
  • Industry development opportunities are well attended and valued.


Support ways to acknowledge and recognise our tourism industry’s achievements.

  • Local tourism businesses are celebrated and acknowledged.

Tourism Employment


Foster relationships to support local employment opportunities in the tourism industry.

  • Links developed for industry to consider local employment opportunities.


GOAL 5: Inspire the Melbourne community to become ambassadors for City of Yarra visitor experiences

Desired Outcomes

  • Opportunities for visiting friends and relatives are maximised
  • Increased awareness of City of Yarra visitor experiences
  • City of Yarra residents support local experiences

Strategic Area



Measures of Success

Resident Engagement


Leverage from Destination Melbourne Limited’s Visiting Friends and Relatives campaign that builds host/resident awareness of things to see and do in their municipality.

  • Increased community awareness of City of Yarra visitor experiences; and
  • Visiting friends and relatives market will account for a greater proportion of tourism in the City of Yarra.


Manage the impact of visitor activity on residents.

  • Reduction in resident complaints to Council in association with visitor activity; and
  • Residential expectations are managed.


Explore methods to embrace community’s enthusiasm for living in the City of Yarra to enhance the visitor experience.

  • Civic pride supported; and
  • Greater involvement from the community in tourism promotion and development.

Council Information Role


Empower Council’s front line staff to become visitor information sources.

  • Front line Council staff have a better understanding of what City of Yarra offers residents/visitors; and
  • Front line Council staff are actively engaged as information ambassadors.

Buying Local


Continue to encourage residents, Council and the local tourism industry to buy local and support local businesses.

  • Greater awareness by residents, Council and the tourism industry about the benefits of buying local; and
  • Greater collaboration between local businesses.


Further information
Michelle Dawson
Tourism and Marketing Officer
9205 5362

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